Media Appearances

I appear regularly in national media to provide context and expert commentary on privacy, security and human rights. If you want to know whether I’m available for guest appearances and commentary, you can always contact me.

Television appearances


At the height of the Cambridge Analytica scandal I was asked to appear on Dutch current events program Nieuwsuur to provide context and commentary on Facebook’s data collection practices and their privacy implications.


I gave a television interview condemning the practice of the Dutch police to surveil climate activists and their families. Watch the segment on the AT5 site (Dutch)

Newspaper Contributions

De Volkskrant

De Volkskrant is a national newspaper in the Netherlands, full articles after the links are in Dutch.

When a new bill on the national intelligence services was put forward I was interviewed on my research on supervision of intelligence services: Inlichtingendiensten te vrij in nieuw wetsvoorstel – De Volkskrant (.pdf)

I reacted to the Dutch Cybersecurity Strategy, arguing that offensive information security researchers should be better protected: Opinie-Leg-wettelijk-vast-dat-experts-onderzoek-mogen-doen-naar-gaten-in-cyberbeveiliging

As the Dutch government responded to accusations of possible espionage by banning certain hardware manufacturers, I argue in favour of focusing on encryption instead in my analysis of our response to vulnerabilities in IT-infrastructure: Óók soft en hardware die niet uit China komen zijn notoir onveilig. Hacken is het probleem niet Huawei – de Volkskrant (.pdf)

Especially when intelligence agencies have such far-reaching powers, safeguards against abuse are crucial. There is one way to do that correctly: through independent prior oversight. There are no provisions for that in this bill.


NRC is a national newspaper in the Netherlands, full articles after the links are in Dutch.

I provided expert commentary on the privacy issues involved with parents sharing data of their children online: Op naar een babyvrij Instagram – NRC (.pdf)

In response to revelations that Dutch intelligence services had been wiretapping a human rights organisation I wrote an editorial in favour of encryption: Bescherm je cliënten tegen de staat versleutel je mail – NRC (.pdf)

After all as an attorney you have a special responsibility to offer clients a safe haven. If clients can’t speak freely about their case, then their attorney can’t defend them properly.