About me

I’m a lawyer specialised in privacy, security and human rights

My law firm Root Legal supports companies, organisations and citizens in complex legal challenges. I have extensive experience advising organisations on privacy regulations (like the GDPR), cybersecurity regulations (like NIS2), and the application of human rights.

As an academic, I research and teach at the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam. My research is focused on the relationships between privacy, information security and human rights. I also teach an annual masters course on privacy and data protection.

In my work, I focus on urgent questions relating to the security of our digital infrastructure. Can governments introduce backdoors in WhatsApp? May information security experts scan computers for weaknesses? Should organisations adopt new kinds of encryption which are resistant to quantum computers? And under what conditions is the export of surveillance technologies allowed?

You can find more information on my recently defended PhD on information security, encryption, quantum computing and human rights here.

Photo courtesy of Nadine van den Berg


2014-now: Lecturer and researcher at Institute for Information Law
2018-now: Founder and lawyer at Root Legal
2023-now: Member Supervisory Council Stichting Democratie en Media
2023-now: Substitute judge (rechter-plaatsvervanger) Rechtbank Den Haag
2017-2018: Supervisor at the Dutch Data Protection Authority
2015-2016: Partner at law firm Project Moore
2009-2014: Director and founder of Dutch digital rights organisation Bits of Freedom
2004-2009: Technology lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek

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